CHD Awareness Month 2015


Heart Heroes is proud to recognize CHD Awareness Month 2015!

It’s our month to grab the microphone and tell the world about CHD, the birth defect that 1 in 100 children are born with.  What are doing this month?  Here is a list of how Heart Heroes is honoring our Heart Heroes and Heart Angels plus what you can do to help support our mission of CHD awareness.


#OneHeart Challenge

This month, we encourage you to take the #OneHeart Challenge and use social media to spread the challenge to your family and friends.  Our #OneHeart Challenge is challenging you to:

  • Donate ONE cape ($25) to Heart Heroes, Inc. and help us give ONE Heart Hero Cape to ONE child on our waiting list.  Help us empower CHD kids around the world with a Heart Hero Cape.
  • Challenge ONE other person to donate ONE cape to Heart Heroes.  Let your friends and family know that their donation will empower a CHD child with bravery for their doctor’s appointments, surgeries and scary days they have to face battling CHD.
  • Tell ONE person about Heart Heroes and the impact Heart Heroes, Inc. has made in your Heart Hero’s life.  If that’s through the CHD journey you’re on or if that’s through a fundraiser to raise money for CHD awareness and research, we want you to spread the word.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?  Let us know on our Facebook page that you accept the #OneHeart Challenge!


Honoring #OneHeart Every Day

Each month, we feature a Heart Hero of the Month.  Not in February.  This month, we’re honoring 28 Heart Heroes and Heart Angels to share stories from all over the U.S.  Follow us on Facebook as each day or follow our blog as we will celebrate and honor a Heart Hero with their own incredible, brave story.


Proclaim the Nation/Fundraising

In January, we asked you to Proclaim the Nation and go to your local or state government to declare Feb. 8-14 CHD Awareness Week.  And did you ever!  We will be listing all the proclamations that were accepted on our website and social media.  If you haven’t told us about your proclamation, please post it to our Facebook or email to get on our list.

Also in January, we gave you fundraising ideas so you can do your own fundraiser for CHD Awareness Month.  If you have a fundraiser planned, please let us know about it!  We’d love to help you promote it online and give you the recognition you deserve (and our Heart Heroes deserve).  Email us at to let us know how you are raising money for Heart Heroes and CHD Awareness this month!