Super Trooper Lukas


written by Lukas’s mother

Lukas Hoeft was born June 25th 2013 via c-section. A nurse at Providence Hospital in Novi, Michigan heard a heart murmur shortly after birth. His pulmonary valve was completely fused shut. The doctors were able to administer medication to keep his bypass open that typically closes shortly after birth. He was intubated and transported to a nearby Children’s Hospital – DMC in Detroit.

Our baby was diagnosed with Critical Pulmonary Stenosis. Lukas had a heart balloon angioplasty done at one day old in an attempt to break apart the valve leaflets. This procedure helped a little, but Lukas needed another balloon angioplasty at two months old, as the valve was still very narrow. This procedure failed to open the valve enough, and we were able to wait until Lukas was eight months old. At this time he underwent his first open-heart surgery at Mott’s Children’s hospital (University of Michigan) where they removed his pulmonary valve and closed up a small Atrial Septal Defect.

Lukas has proven to be extraordinary from day one!

Today Lukas is a happy, energetic three year-old.  He currently is being observed by cardiology once a year, and the next step will be implanting a new valve when his heart begins to enlarge sometime around teenage years. This whole process has been an interesting ride. We were never expecting to have a child with a life-threatening condition, but in the end we would not change him for the world. He has taught us so much about strength, bravery and resilience. He has been a trooper through it all. He loves his broken heart and likes to show his broken heart off. We are thankful to have received a Heart Hero Cape, which Lukas likes to pretend he is a super hero when he wears it.

It means so much to our family that nonprofits like Heart Heroes is there supporting families and our warriors through some of the most difficult times in our lives. We are forever grateful for the wonderful care we have received from our doctors, nurses, and nonprofits such as Ronald McDonald House and Heart Heroes.

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